Real Estate Valuation

Real Estate Valuation

Real Estate valuation is the art and science of estimating the value of real estate property rights, for a specific asset and a specific purpose at a specific time and for specific users, taking into account all the characteristics and characteristics of the property being evaluated, and all the basic economic factors of the market, and this includes all interests, rights and obligations related to real estate ownership with all the improvements that are clearly proven Durable, and associated dependent accessories.

Real Estate Valuation Purposes

Bank Financing Buying and Selling
Financial Reports Legal Disputes
Inheritance and Distribution of Inheritance Filtering
Mergers and Acquisitions Mortgage
Joining Investors

Beneficiaries of Real Estate Valuation

Governmental Entities Ministries
Semi-Governmental Bodies and Entities Leading Companies
Private Sector Companies Institutions
Lawyers Accountants

Valuation Methods Used

Due to the multiple purposes of valuation, the diversity of the nature of real estate, and the different bases of value, several valuation methods have been developed, under which several independent and applied methods fall. The International Evaluation Standards Board and most professional organizations divide evaluation methods into three main methods: the market method, the income method, and the cost method, and applied methods fall under these methods, which can be clarified as follows:
  • Market Based
    1. Comparison Method
  • Income Based
    1. Investment Method
    2. The Discounted Cash Flow Method
    3. The Residual Value Method
    4. Earning Method
  • Cost Based
    1. Contractor Method

Scope of The Services Geographical Coverage

Ejadah provides its distinguished services in all regions and cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with qualified trained partners and collaborators in the field of work

The Company Owned Tools in Real Estate Valuation (CADRES, PROGRAMS)

Ejadah sneered all its capabilities to provide its services in a distinguish and customary manner, keeping pace with the latest methods and techniques.
  • Trained cadres with the highest certificates in the training track of the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers.
  • Programs designed to speed up and monitor the evaluation process, produce reports, and ensure their compliance with international evaluation standards.
  • Programs for maps and charts help.
  • Modern imagine devices and laser measuring devices to measure areas accurately.

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The purposes of real estate appraisal

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