Real Estate Studies and Business Intelligence

Studies and Business Intelligence

There are many aspects of real estate studies that depend on the information collected for the target area, where this raw. So information, which is related to multiple fields, is converted into real estate opportunities that are presented to its clients, which helps to make the right decision, with the aim of reaching the best investment that achieves the highest returns for the investor, and we do this Investments by studying and updating any variables about the current and future trends of the city and the pioneering projects that act as elements of attraction for the user and the movement of the population to and from them, which are considered as a catalyst for other investments, as well as knowledge of the economic and social situation of the area on which the investment is located, to know the target group concerned with investment.

Type of studies

  • Real Estate market studies
  • Studies of investment opportunities
  • Studies of the highest and best use of real estate
  • Economic feasibility studies

The engineering and real estate studies service offered by Ejadah is one of the company's key services for its clients in the real estate industry. This service enables customers to accurately and professionally evaluate properties, analyze real estate data and information, and make informed investment decisions.

Ejadah's real estate studies service is distinguished by several advantages, including:

  • Providing precise analyses:

    The company provides accurate and professional analyses of properties and real estate markets, evaluating properties precisely and insightfully, and helping clients make informed investment decisions.

  • Providing comprehensive analyses:

    Ejadah offers comprehensive analyses of properties and real estate markets,including analyses of prices, costs, rents, and financial returns, helping clients understand the real estate market and make informed decisions.

  • Providing expertise and professionalism:

    Ejadah has a team of experienced and professional experts who provide the highest quality real estate studies service, accurately and professionally analyzing real estate data and information.

  • Providing future forecasts:

    Ejadah offers future forecasts for real estate markets and properties, helping clients plan their real estate investments and make informed decisions.

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