Evaluation Machinery and Equipment

Evaluation Machinery and Equipment

The activity of Evaluation Machinery and Equipment is recent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. and Ejadah has sought to attract qualified and licensed competencies to provide this service, which will witness a significant expansion during the next few years. Our goal in the management of machinery and equipment is to make the company a leader in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as to make the company's reputation among the best national and international platforms. It is the process of estimating the value of machinery and equipment of all kinds, according to a specific type of value and a specific purpose. Machinery and equipment mean all tangible assets - and all interests, rights and obligations related to them - that exist individually or not - and are used, for example - in industry, production, transportation, or assistance in operations, administrative purposes, or the supply of services.

Common Purpose for Evaluating Machinery and Equipment

Bank Financing Buying and Selling
Financial Reporting Corporate Insolvency & Liquidations
Insurance Legal Disputes
Market Value/ Assessments                                 Inheritance and Inheritance Distribution
Clearance Mergers and Acquisitions
Management Planning Joining Investors

Beneficiaries of Machinery and Equipment Evaluation

Governmental Entities Ministries
Semi-Governmental Bodies and Entities Leading Companies
Private Sector Companies Institutions
Lawyers Accountants

Evaluation Methods

  • Market Method
  • Income Method
  • Cost Method

The Geographical Coverage of Our Services

Ejadah provides its distinguished services in all regions and cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Company Owned Tools

Qualified, trained and licensed cadres to carry out the evaluation professionally, accurately and with high quality, with the provision of programs that help to produce the technical work in accordance with the requirements of customers. The team has the necessary experience and expertise to provide equipment evaluation services using the latest technologies and tools available in the market. The company provides this service to its clients in all sectors, including industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors.

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