Engineering Services

Ejadah Company provides innovative and efficient engineering services to meet the needs of its customers, using the latest technologies and tools available in the market.

Ijada has a team of experts and specialists in the field of engineering, who possess the necessary experience and technical skills to design and implement engineering solutions according to the needs of their clients.

Ejadah's engineering services enable customers to obtain innovative and effective engineering solutions,

receive specialized technical and customer support, improve efficiency and productivity, and achieve profitability and success in their business operations.

Ejadah's engineering services include obtaining collective housing licenses for individuals, obtaining commercial licenses, and other services.

Issuance of a collective housing license for individuals 

A collective housing license is a main requirement for companies and institutions that own 20 or more workers who are not paid a housing allowance, and they live in compounds or buildings under the supervision of this company or institution.

The collective housing license is not issued until the health, technical and safety conditions that are required to be met in the collective housing for individuals issued by the Ministerial Resolution are met.

Ejadah is one of the companies licensed to issue collective housing licenses by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs,

and Ejadah has its services in all regions and cities of the Kingdom.

Ejadah also has a professional team that includes engineers with experience in this field,

working according to carefully formulated procedures and policies to achieve the best results that achieve customer satisfaction.

Issuance of commercial licenses

Ejadah Company provides commercial license extraction services using the legal procedures followed in the country,

in order to obtain a legitimate commercial license that is valid for operation in the Kingdom.

The company has a team of experts and specialists in the field of commercial licensing,

who possess the necessary experience to provide the necessary support to their clients in the process of obtaining commercial licenses.

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