Ejadah (ES) is a well reputed Saudi company founded in 2011 specialized in real estate services and asset valuation. It is one of the first companies in its sector to be certified and licensed in asset valuation. It aspires to become the leader in its field of expertise by utilizing the most sophisticated technology solutions and the extensive experience of its Team in data collecting and precise analysis to meet the demands and requirements of its clients. In the highest image and quality possible.

Since its inception, Ejadah has made every effort to develop and train its cadres, to use cutting-edge artificial intelligence systems, and to investigate reliable and documented information to build sound strategic decisions based on a solid scientific foundation, deep technical analysis, and logical value reflection.

Institutional View

Ejadah has sought, since its inception, to apply comprehensive quality standards and institutional excellence to achieve the expectations of customers, employees, and the community by building an organized and transparent work environment that follows standard standards for carrying out work and achieving goals with high efficiency. Ejadah is keen to draw up policies and procedures and ensure that they are transformed into an applicable automated framework.


Achieving institutional leadership in the real estate sector that meets the needs of the real estate market and the requirements of local and foreign companies operating in the Saudi market, according to the policies and work mechanisms of the performance of the real estate appraisal department in the real estate market in accordance with the standards of the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (Taqeem).


Creating real estate opportunities and providing the best solutions, methods, and distinguished services to achieve customer satisfaction through professional human cadres.

Our Values

Credibility, Transparency, Teamwork, Professionalism and Exchange benefits with clients and partners

Strategic Objectives

Building a distinctive brand and reaching an advanced competitive position, Seizing distinctive real estate opportunities and presenting them to the final beneficiary with the best quality, Attracting, training, and motivating distinguished talents, Increase the market value of the company, Building alliances and strategic partnerships in the field of work internally and internationally, and Expanding with opening new branches in the region of the kingdom