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Congratulations to the staff of real estate valuation management, Mr. Suleiman Al-Salhi and Mr. Salem Al-Gareeb get Rating membership approved by the Saudi Commission for residents certified in Saudi Arabia, and aims "Ejadah ...

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Method of work

Studies and intelligent real estate business department depends on the use of specialized software to analyze and study the data, various sources and diversity, these programs help the user to extract information from the raw data and analyze and show it as needed, graphic illustrations or fees in the form of maps.

1. statistical analysis software (SPSS):

Statistical Package for Social Sciences program, this program is used in the analysis of statistical information and field surveys.

2. GIS software (GIS):

Is a system that works to the collection, storage, analysis and output and distribution of spatial data and information, it helps to make a decision.

3. Real Estate Business intelligence systems programs (RBI):

It is a bundle of programs that assist in the analysis in depth to turn raw information into value taken advantage of information and support the decision-making process

Team of Work

The studies and business intelligence section of the specialized team in their respective fields, with complementary expertise and specialties to create a productive working environment High-quality and professional as much, the beginning of the collection of information specialized team working on the various sources available, then study and analyze this information to get to outputs required to achieve the purpose of the study.

Work Fields

Provide (Studies and Business Intelligence Administration) collection of works, which relies on scientific and professional cadres specialized expertise, namely

  • The highest and best use studies.
  • investment feasibility for real estate projects and urban studies.
  • prospective feasibility studies.
  • Choose the best location for investment services.
  • Studies and the real estate market research.
Business Intelligence

There are several aspects of the studies that depend on information collected the target area, where it is converting this raw information and that are related to multiple areas to what helps in making the right decision, in order to reach the best investment, which achieves the highest returns for the investor, where these investments are affected by trends current city and future and pilot projects, which act as attraction for users and of which the movement of people and it, which is considered as a catalyst for other investments, as well as knowledge of the economic situation and social reality in the investment area to see the target group and on Investment.

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